Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A1 To locate you work within an appropriate professional and commercial context.

paintings for house owners/ offices. -

creating a portfolio that will be attractive to a wide audience. ( learnt that my previous website was made for fun and i didnt really think about the layout and categories) i would like to make a portfolio profile and a fun interactive website but a new design.

emailing national forests etc to try and get commisions, using my previous projects as a portfolio and my own enjoyment of the area.

A2 To provide a culmination to Level 6 through critical self reflection on the learning
outcomes and body of work produced.

-use my blog writings as self reflection of project

what have i learnt form previous projects

A3 To consolidate awareness and knowledge of financial, business and legal
matters relevant to your future.

i have recently been commisioned to produce paintings of houses. i have also sold paintings to friends and associates. This has helped me to understand at what prices to sell my paintings. i hope that whilst i produce paintings now at low rates i can enlarge my portfolio and skills but also help increase my customer range and business skills.

A4 To promote reflective and professional practice in ‘portfolio’ selection, personal
presentation, and the production of other promotional materials, such as CVs and
business cards.